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Walk-In Freezers

From a minimum 36 sq. ft. size to the more elaborate 10,000 sq. ft. warehouses, Miami Walk-in Coolers walk-in freezers provide just the right amount of temperature-controlled space, and all while being constructed by experienced professional using quality materials made in the USA.  .

Miami Walk-In Coolers Advantages
Numerous standard features and benefits set Miami Walk-in Freezers walk-ins apart from other manufacturers. Reliable manufacturing processes, simple assembly methods and a diversity of panel and door features are just a few of our advantages that are bundled with our superior sales and service personnel and their over all vast knowledge. 

In a hurry for a walk-in structure ?
In a hurry for a walk-in structure? Miami Walk-in Cooler is the answer for you. Walk-in coolers, freezers and combination models are custom built to each customers specific needs and available with the industries highest quality packaged refrigeration system. CONTACT US ABOUT RAPID SHIPPING




Walk in Coolers & Freezers Options:

  • Indoor and outdoor condensing units
  • Diamond plate and heavy duty reinforced flooring available
  • TRANS COOLERService Support personnel available 24 hours a day ( via phone)
  • Coast to coast and international delivery of Walk In Freezers available
  • Best refrigeration warranties in the industry
  • Newest EPA-approved freons and refrigerants
  • Interior and exterior ramps
  • All equipment UL Approved
  • Heavy duty exterior and interior finishes including stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel
  • Several types of doors are available, including extra wide manual and electric sliding doors, bi-parting doors, as well as glass display doors
  • Complete hardware and accessories including meat rails and adjustable multi-tier metal shelving
  • The latest computer technology enables us to custom-engineer even the most complicated project