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QUOTE 101At Miami Walk-in Cooler, we pride ourselves in having the most friendly and knowledgeable staff that can assist you in selecting the perfect Walk In Coolers, Freezers and Cold Storage Rooms to meet your specific cooling and energy saving needs.

When you’re considering a new Walk-in Cooler or Walk-in Freezer keep in mind three ( 3 ) major factors before ordering which are
(1) Cost,
(2) Where was it Manufactured
(3) Production and Delivery time.

Miami Walk in Coolers offers , Competitive Pricing, Product and Materials that are manufactured right here in the USA, and Delivered in days not months.

Starting out, or maybe your current unit just went out, Don’t stress! our awesome sales team can get you up and running with a new custom designed or standard walk in cooler or freezer box. Special orders don’t worry us, we specialize in Custom Built Coolers and Freezers of every size and shape at an affordable cost. Contact an Miami Walk-in Cooler sales rep today or fill out our “Get A Quote” form and receive your requested quote from Miami Walk-in Cooler in just hours.


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